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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0)


Hide details for SMFSMF
MIAS4R5RGLFor SMF108 records, provided Process ID of server
MIAS4RSRS9HTTP SMF 108 record reads and writes were cumulative
Hide details for WebSphereWebSphere
MIAS4QQHS9A Domino hang caused Websphere tasks to hang when accessing Domino
Hide details for  5.0.5 5.0.5
Hide details for DECSDECS
JLII4JRDAWDECS:Japanese 5026: DECS connection can't get col name if using KATAKANA define table name
JLII4JRE27Japanese 5026: DECS realtime can't work well when use KATAKANA as DB2 table col name
Hide details for DECS DECS
JLII4JRDSPDECS: Japanese 5026: DECS can't identify KATAKANA as DB2 col name when doing InitializeKey
Hide details for InstallInstall
KVBN4PJN9XSupport special charters in the Super User ID on product install
Hide details for OtherOther
GRER4P6NJXFixed return code handling in two modules that call an ACL support function
TCHU4MNEL7SERVLET: Traditional Chinese characters are not displayed using java application under servlet manager
CGOE4PJP99LSXLC LCConnect.Excute ?openagent not working.
DSKG4MMEFZKorean: The file name is garbled after searching documents in file system search
CHAR4MDRHSDECS: Intemittent memory overwrite when loading connectors.
RSCF4LNGPHS/390 Console Support for Domino: Stop processing fails when server has DECS
RSCF4NJHS5S/390 Console Support for Domino: Kill processing time excessive when no process cleanup is required
RSCF4NJEVSS/390 Console Support for Domino: Error msg 050 has missing/junk alias preceding '_safid'
RSCF4NJGE6S/390 Console Support for Domino: Prestart resource checking is inconsistent
RSCF4NJFM9S/390 Console Support for Domino: Monitor jobname (suffix m01) may appear on multiple tasks
MIAS4PZJZSDEBUGSIGCHILD=1 doesn't work, SIGCHILD code missing
MWHN4NXGHVSSL with Redirect to SSL specified in server doc panics when browser URL has a typo
WSCT4NWJE2LSDO: Agent will not run under defaulted English DB2 when the MCCSID is set (1544 error)
YASI4M64Q3LSDO: Japanese: GetValue from Graphic column in ASCII DB2 table misses SO and SI
YASI4MJ4PGLSDO: Japanese: GetValue can not get data correctly from Graphic column in Japanese named DB2 table
YASI4MF9TRLSDO: Japanese: @DBColumn can not get data correctly from Graphic column in Japanese named DB2 table


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